Keep tabs on key real-time data about your restaurant whether you are on site or away, at home, on vacation, or tending to other business. In just a few seconds you can always access the most up-to-date data important to managing and monitoring your operations.

Key Features Benefit
  • Summary Data for Current Day
    View Sales, Customers, Checks, Sales per Hour, Average Spend per Customer, Labor Cost, and the all important Labor Percent of Sales Ratio.
  • Stay on top of key operational metrics to ensure your establishment is operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Take real-time corrective action base on performance data.
  • Key Alerts
    You can configure a variety of alerts from Restaurant Manager's Back Office and receive them via RM Monitor for items such as:
    • employees nearing overtime for today or the week
    • large deletions or voids
    • high spending tables
    • deletions or voids listed by employee.
  • Control costs – during your busiest hours know when employees are approaching or exceeding targeted hours worked.
  • Boost revenue – know when a table has spent more than a set amount and give that table special attention.
  • Prevent loss – know when a server is requesting VOIDs or deletions to ensure they are receiving the appropriate management approval and keep an eye out for excessive numbers of requests.
  • Details on all Open Tables and Tabs
    Includes server assigned, check total, customer count, and average spend.
  • Improve table turns and average check by seeing how tables are performing and encouraging servers to up-sell and cross-sell.
  • Employee Details
    Includes orders and customers served today, as well as labor hours worked today and for the week.
  • Improve revenue by knowing exactly how staff are performing.
  • Control costs by knowing when employees are approaching overtime.
  • Hourly Data for the Day
    Includes information on sales, customers, average spend, labor cost and labor as a percentage of sales.
  • Stay on top of key operational metrics to ensure your establishment is operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Audit Entries
    As configured in Restaurant Manager's Back Office.
  • Instantly view a summary of the key actions you are interested in such as discounted or reprinted checks and discounts.
  • Specific Deletion Items
    When, by whom and for what reason.
  • Control cost by instantly knowing when items are deleted to ensure there is a valid reason.
  • Stop abuse or fraud by monitoring the number of deletions by specific employee.
  • Historical Comparison Summary Data
    For the week, month and year.
  • Spot trends or identify issues to correct.