To start using the RM Monitor service, you must first register for an RM Monitor account from your main Restaurant Manager server/computer. The registration process connects your computer to a password protected RM Monitor account in the cloud. Authorized restaurant staff may then access this account at any time from any device that connects to the internet. The native RM Monitor app makes it especially easy to access RM Monitor accounts from an iPhone or Android phone.

Register for an RM Monitor Account

  1. Make sure your POS System is running Restaurant Manager v17 or later.
  2. Make sure the RMAlertd.exe is running on your main server/computer.
  3. From the main server, click on the link below:

* If you get an "Unable to connect" error message, it means rmalertd.exe is not running
* If you cannot complete the registration process, it means you are not on an approved version of the Restaurant Manager software.

Both these problems can be resolved by contacting your authorized Restaurant Manager service provider. If you do not have contact information for this service provider, please call: 1-800-356-6037.