The RM Monitor remote reporting app puts sales data and operational details at your fingertips -- no matter where you are. Get access to your Restaurant Manager POS back office reports, intuitive charts and graphs, and customizable real-time alerts from any smartphone or web broswer.

Make better business decisions and run a more profitable restaurant with the ability to track:
Sales trends, Labor Costs, Fraud Alerts, Overtime Control and more...

RM Monitor is available for a flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of users authorized to access the account.

Two Apps Available

Most Restaurant Manager users rely on the classic RM Monitor v1.3. This version presents sales data in standard report format and has become a reliable, “must-have” management tool in thousands of restaurants.

But Restaurant Manager users looking for enhanced functionality can now try the new RM Monitor v2.0 (beta) app. This new app, which is currently only available on Apple devices, includes intuitive graphs and charts and the ability to monitor food costs.